Vente à terme

Term Sale

It is like a "credit-seller".

The payment of the price is made by a cash payment (buyers can’t benefit from a bank loan for that kind of purchases) plus the payment of monthly annuities given during a certain number of years (going to 20 years max) defined contractually.

Just like the life annuity, the term sale can be vacant, vacant by perception of the rents, occupied or semi occupied. If the term sale is said "occupied", an allowance on the price will be make corresponding to the occupation of the good by the seller.

For a seller, the term sale benefits from the same guarantees as those used for a life annuity, the cancellation clause and the vendor's lien. It is supervised as well as the life annuity.

The term sale is especially intended for people who are considered “too young” to make a life annuity and this solution is favored when the customers are less than 70 years old.

It allows not to disinherit the children (if sellers have ones) because in the case of death before the term of the annuities, the remaining monthly payments will remain acquired (and be paid) to the heirs of the deceased.

Finally fiscally, it takes on a particular asset compared with the life annuity because the sum lump, as well as the monthly payments are not taxable.

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