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Why buying a property a life annuity ?

Vacant or occupied life annuity ?

The LIFE ANNUITY is a transaction by mutual agreement which allows for one old person to make “liquid” its heritage by selling it to a third party, a physical person or family SCI.

As such, the LIFE ANNUITY represents a notable interest both for the SELLER and the BUYER. Especially as with the succession of the ECONOMIC CRISIS and the crisis of confidence towards BANKS, the LIFE ANNUITY knew how to find a surprising vigor.

Discover or rediscover the advantages of a product inherited from the ANTIQUITY which knew according to the History remain resolutely modern.

A life annuity is :

  • A sensible and calculated investment;
  • A tangible investment contrary to the stock exchange;
  • A secure and framed investment;
  • An ethical and fair investment.

A life annuity allows :

  • To prepare the future and its retreat;
  • To acquire the good cheaper, than it would be with a classic sale, but bigger;
  • To constitute a holdings over time;
  • To diversify the liquid assets and thus the risk;
  • To spread out the payments over time;
  • To be able to live into the property (case of the vacant life annuity)
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